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@@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
+@echo off
+pushd %~dp0
+call :select_path "%veracrypt_src%" "Select VeraCrypt directory:"
+set veracrypt_src=%select_path_result%
+set /P YesNo=Create links[Y/N]?
+if /I ["%YesNo%"]==["Y"] goto :check_links
+goto :end
+if NOT EXIST common goto :create_links
+set /P create_links_del_ren=Old links detected [D]elete or [R]ename?
+if NOT EXIST common mkdir common
+call :create_link common\Crc.c
+call :create_link common\Crc.h
+call :create_link common\Crypto.c
+call :create_link common\Crypto.h
+call :create_link common\Endian.c
+call :create_link common\Endian.h
+call :create_link common\GfMul.h
+call :create_link common\Password.h
+call :create_link common\Pkcs5.c
+call :create_link common\Pkcs5.h
+call :create_link common\Tcdefs.h
+call :create_link common\Volumes.c
+call :create_link common\Volumes.h
+call :create_link common\Xml.c
+call :create_link common\Xml.h
+call :create_link common\Xts.c
+call :create_link common\Xts.h
+if NOT EXIST crypto mkdir crypto
+call :create_link crypto\GostCipher.c
+call :create_link crypto\GostCipher.h
+call :create_link crypto\Gost89_x64.asm Gost89_x64.nasm
+call :create_link crypto\Streebog.c
+call :create_link crypto\Streebog.h
+call :create_link crypto\kuznyechik.c
+call :create_link crypto\kuznyechik.h
+call :create_link crypto\Aes.h
+call :create_link crypto\Aeskey.c
+call :create_link crypto\Aesopt.h
+call :create_link crypto\Aestab.c
+call :create_link crypto\Aestab.h
+call :create_link crypto\Aes_hw_cpu.h
+call :create_link crypto\Aes_hw_cpu.asm Aes_hw_cpu.nasm
+call :create_link crypto\Aes_x64.asm Aes_x64.nasm
+call :create_link crypto\Aes_x86.asm Aes_x86.nasm
+call :create_link crypto\cpu.h
+call :create_link crypto\cpu.c
+call :create_link crypto\config.h
+call :create_link crypto\misc.h
+call :create_link crypto\Rmd160.c
+call :create_link crypto\Rmd160.h
+call :create_link crypto\Serpent.c
+call :create_link crypto\Serpent.h
+call :create_link crypto\Sha2.c
+call :create_link crypto\Sha2.h
+call :create_link crypto\Twofish.c
+call :create_link crypto\Twofish.h
+call :create_link crypto\Whirlpool.c
+call :create_link crypto\Whirlpool.h
+call :create_link crypto\Camellia.c
+call :create_link crypto\Camellia.h
+set create_link_skip_pushd=Y
+call :create_link Boot\Windows\BootCommon.h
+call :create_link Boot\Windows\BootDefs.h
+set create_link_skip_pushd=N
+goto :end
+if /I NOT ["%create_link_skip_pushd%"]==["Y"] pushd %~dp1
+set fn=%~n1%~x1
+if NOT ["%2"]==[""] set fn=%2
+call :get_bak_name %fn%
+if /I ["%create_links_del_ren%"]==["R"] ren %fn% %name_bak%
+if EXIST "%fn%" del %fn%
+@echo on
+mklink /H %fn% %veracrypt_src%\%1
+@echo off
+if /I NOT ["%create_link_skip_pushd%"]==["Y"] popd
+goto :eof
+set name_bak=%1
+if NOT EXIST %name_bak% goto :eof
+goto :get_bak_name_retry
+rem call select path
+set select_path_default=%1
+if not exist "%select_path_default%" echo not found %select_path_default%
+set select_path_msg=%2
+set select_path_msg=%select_path_msg:~1,-1%
+set select_path_result=
+set /p select_path_result=[%select_path_default:~1,-1%] %select_path_msg%
+if ["%select_path_result%"]==[""] set select_path_result=%select_path_default:~1,-1%
+if exist %select_path_result% goto :eof
+echo can not find %select_path_result%
+goto :select_path_retry
+popd \ No newline at end of file