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+/** @file
+Interface for DCS services
+Copyright (c) 2016. Disk Cryptography Services for EFI (DCS), Alex Kolotnikov
+Copyright (c) 2016. VeraCrypt, Mounir IDRASSI
+This program and the accompanying materials
+are licensed and made available under the terms and conditions
+of the Apache License, Version 2.0.
+The full text of the license may be found at
+#ifndef __DCSVERACRYPT_H__
+#define __DCSVERACRYPT_H__
+#include <Uefi.h>
+#include <common/Tcdefs.h>
+#include <common/Password.h>
+// Auth
+extern int gAuthPasswordType;
+extern CHAR16* gPasswordPictureFileName;
+extern char* gAuthPasswordMsg;
+extern Password gAuthPassword;
+extern char* gAuthPimMsg;
+extern int gAuthPimRqt;
+extern int gAuthPim;
+extern int gAuthTcRqt;
+extern int gAuthTc;
+extern char *gAuthHashMsg;
+extern int gAuthHashRqt;
+extern int gAuthHash;
+extern int gAuthBootRqt;
+extern int gAuthBoot;
+extern int gAuthRetry;
+extern INT32 gRUD;
+extern int gAuthSecRegionSearch;
+extern int gPlatformLocked;
+extern int gTPMLocked;
+extern int gSCLocked;
+extern int gAuthPwdCode;
+extern CHAR8* gPlatformKeyFile;
+extern UINTN gPlatformKeyFileSize;
+extern EFI_GUID *gPartitionGuidOS;
+extern int gDcsBootForce;
+extern CHAR8* gOnExitFailed;
+extern CHAR8* gOnExitSuccess;
+extern CHAR8* gOnExitNotFound;
+ IN UINTN pwdType,
+ OUT Password* vcPwd);
+ IN OUT Password* password,
+ IN CHAR8* keyfileData,
+ IN UINTN keyfileDataSize
+ );