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Linux/MacOSX: Use newer version 3.0.3 of wxWidgets. Update version in Readme.
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The script available under "src/Build" performs the
full build of VeraCrypt including the creation of the installer pkg. It expects
-to find the wxWidgets 3.0.2 sources at the same level as where you put
+to find the wxWidgets 3.0.3 sources at the same level as where you put
VeraCrypt sources (i.e. if "src" path is "/Users/joe/Projects/VeraCrypt/src"
-then wxWidgets should be at "/Users/joe/Projects/wxWidgets-3.0.2")
+then wxWidgets should be at "/Users/joe/Projects/wxWidgets-3.0.3")
The build process uses Code Signing certificates whose ID is specified in
src/Main/Main.make (look for lines containing "Developer ID Application" and