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Windows: Fix formatting issue during volume creation by using /Y for and specifying removal parameter in FormatEx
The usage of /Y parameter in simplifies the logic and makes the code robust since we don't need to send \n to the process. Specifying RemovableMedia parameter to FormatEx fixes its failure in Windows 10 and later to perform quick format. This is also more adequate since we are mounting the volume as removable media for the formatting process. We also add better error management in order to display adequate error message to the user in case of failure
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<entry lang="pl" key="INVALID_EMV_PATH">Ścieżka EMV jest nieprawidłowa.</entry>
<entry lang="pl" key="EMV_KEYFILE_DATA_NOTFOUND">Nie można utworzyć pliku klucza z danych karty EMV.\n\nBrak jednego z następujących elementów:\n- Certyfikatu klucza publicznego ICC.\n- Certyfikatu klucza publicznego wydawcy.\n- Danych CPCL.</entry>
<entry lang="pl" key="SCARD_W_REMOVED_CARD">Brak karty w czytniku.\n\nUpewnij się, że karta jest prawidłowo włożona.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="FORMAT_EXTERNAL_FAILED">Windows command failed to format the volume as NTFS/exFAT/ReFS: Error 0x%.8X.\n\nFalling back to using Windows FormatEx API.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="FORMATEX_API_FAILED">Windows FormatEx API failed to format the volume as NTFS/exFAT/ReFS.\n\nFailure status = %s.</entry>
<xs:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="qualified" xmlns:xs="">
<xs:element name="VeraCrypt">