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<entry lang="pl" key="IDM_MOUNT_NO_CACHE">Podłącz bez pamięci podręcznej</entry>
<entry lang="pl" key="EXPANDER_INFO">:: Rozszerzacz VeraCrypt ::\n\nRozszerz wolumen VeraCrypt w locie bez ponownego formatowania\n\n\nObsługiwane są wszelkiego rodzaju wolumeny (pliki kontenerów, dyski i partycje) sformatowane w systemie plików NTFS. Jedynym warunkiem jest wystarczająca ilość wolnego miejsca na dysku hosta lub urządzeniu hosta wolumenu VeraCrypt.\n\nNie używaj tego oprogramowania do rozszerzania wolumenu zewnętrznego zawierającego wolumen ukryty, ponieważ spowoduje to zniszczenie wolumenu ukrytego!\n</entry>
<entry lang="pl" key="IDC_STEPSEXPAND">1. Wybierz wolumen VeraCrypt do rozszerzenia\n2. Kliknij przycisk 'Podłącz'</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_VOL_NAME">Volume: </entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_FILE_SYS">File system: </entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_CURRENT_SIZE">Current size: </entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_NEW_SIZE">New size: </entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_NEW_SIZE_BOX_TITLE">Enter new volume size</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDC_INIT_NEWSPACE">Fill new space with random data</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDC_QUICKEXPAND">Quick Expand</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="IDT_INIT_SPACE">Fill new space: </entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_FREE_SPACE">%s free space available on host drive</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_HELP_DEVICE">This is a device-based VeraCrypt volume.\n\nThe new volume size will be choosen automatically as the size of the host device.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_HELP_FILE">Please specify the new size of the VeraCrypt volume (must be at least %I64u KB larger than the current size).</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="QUICK_EXPAND_WARNING">WARNING: You should use Quick Expand only in the following cases:\n\n1) The device where the file container is located contains no sensitive data and you do not need plausible deniability.\n2) The device where the file container is located has already been securely and fully encrypted.\n\nAre you sure you want to use Quick Expand?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_STATUS_TEXT">IMPORTANT: Move your mouse as randomly as possible within this window. The longer you move it, the better. This significantly increases the cryptographic strength of the encryption keys. Then click 'Continue' to expand the volume.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_STATUS_TEXT_LEGACY">Click 'Continue' to expand the volume.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_FINISH_ERROR">Error: volume expansion failed.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_FINISH_ABORT">Error: operation aborted by user.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_FINISH_OK">Finished. Volume successfully expanded.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_CANCEL_WARNING">Warning: Volume expansion is in progress!\n\nStopping now may result in a damaged volume.\n\nDo you really want to cancel?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_STARTING_STATUS">Starting volume expansion ...\n</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_HIDDEN_VOLUME_ERROR">An outer volume containing a hidden volume can't be expanded, because this destroys the hidden volume.\n</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_SYSTEM_VOLUME_ERROR">A VeraCrypt system volume can't be expanded.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_NO_FREE_SPACE">Not enough free space to expand the volume</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_WARNING_FILE_CONTAINER_JUNK">Warning: The container file is larger than the VeraCrypt volume area. The data after the VeraCrypt volume area will be overwritten.\n\nDo you want to continue?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_WARNING_FAT">Warning: The VeraCrypt volume contains a FAT file system!\n\nOnly the VeraCrypt volume itself will be expanded, but not the file system.\n\nDo you want to continue?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_WARNING_EXFAT">Warning: The VeraCrypt volume contains an exFAT file system!\n\nOnly the VeraCrypt volume itself will be expanded, but not the file system.\n\nDo you want to continue?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_WARNING_UNKNOWN_FS">Warning: The VeraCrypt volume contains an unknown or no file system!\n\nOnly the VeraCrypt volume itself will be expanded, the file system remains unchanged.\n\nDo you want to continue?</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_ERROR_VOLUME_SIZE_TOO_SMALL">New volume size too small, must be at least %I64u kB larger than the current size.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_ERROR_VOLUME_SIZE_TOO_LARGE">New volume size too large, not enough space on host drive.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_ERROR_MAX_FILE_SIZE_EXCEEDED">Maximum file size of %I64u MB on host drive exceeded.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_ERROR_QUICKEXPAND_PRIVILEGES">Error: Failed to get necessary privileges to enable Quick Expand!\nPlease uncheck Quick Expand option and try again.</entry>
+ <entry lang="en" key="EXPANDER_ERROR_MAX_VC_VOLUME_SIZE_EXCEEDED">Maximum VeraCrypt volume size of %I64u TB exceeded!\n</entry>
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