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<entry lang="fr" key="RAM_ENCRYPTION_DISABLE_HIBERNATE">AVERTISSEMENT: Le chiffrement de la RAM n'est pas compatible avec les fonctionnalités hibernation et démarrage rapide de Windows. VeraCrypt a besoin de les désactiver avant d'activer le chiffrement de la RAM.\n\n Continuer?</entry>
<entry lang="fr" key="CONFIRM_DISABLE_FAST_STARTUP">AVERTISSEMENT: Le démarrage rapide de Windows est activé, ce qui peut causer des problèmes lors de l'utilisation de VeraCrypt. Il est conseillé de le désactiver pour améliorer la sécurité et l'utilisabilié de VeraCrypt.\n\nVoulez-vous désactiver le démarrage rapide de Windows?</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="QUICK_FORMAT_HELP">In order to enable your operating system to mount your new volume, it has to be formatted with a filesystem. Please select a filesystem type.\n\nIf your volume is going to be hosted on a device or partition, you can use 'Quick format' to skip encryption of free space of the volume.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="IDC_ENABLE_HARDWARE_ENCRYPTION_NEG">Do not accelerate AES encryption/decryption by using the AES instructions of the processor</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="IDM_ADD_ALL_VOLUME_TO_FAVORITES">Add All Mounted Volumes to Favorites...</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="IDC_ENABLE_HARDWARE_ENCRYPTION_NEG">Ne pas utiliser les instructions AES du processeur pour accélérer le chiffrement/déchiffrement AES</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="IDM_ADD_ALL_VOLUME_TO_FAVORITES">Ajouter tout les volumes montés aux favoris...</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="TASKICON_PREF_MENU_ITEMS">Task Icon Menu Items</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="TASKICON_PREF_OPEN_VOL">Open Mounted Volumes</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="TASKICON_PREF_DISMOUNT_VOL">Dismount Mounted Volumes</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="DISK_FREE">Free space available: {0}</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="TASKICON_PREF_OPEN_VOL">Ouvrir les volumes montés</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="TASKICON_PREF_DISMOUNT_VOL">Démonter les volumes montés</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="DISK_FREE">L’espace libre disponible: {0}</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="VOLUME_SIZE_HELP">Please specify the size of the container to create. Note that the minimum possible size of a volume is 292 KiB.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CONFIRM_INNER_VOLUME_CALC">WARNING: You have selected a filesystem other than FAT for the outer volume.\nPlease Note that in this case VeraCrypt can't calculate the exact maximum allowed size for the hidden volume and it will use only an estimation that can be wrong.\nThus, it is your responsibility to use an adequate value for the size of the hidden volume so that it does not overlap the outer volume.\n\nDo you want to continue using the selected filesystem for the outer volume?</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SECURITY">Security</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS">Mount Options</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_BACKGROUND_TASK">Background Task</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION">System Integration</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION_EXPLORER">Filesystem Explorer</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_PERFORMANCE">Performance</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_KEYFILES">Keyfiles</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_TOKENS">Security Tokens</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_KERNEL_SERVICES">Kernel Services</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_KERNEL_CRYPT">Do not use kernel cryptographic services</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS_FS">Filesystem</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="IDT_LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS">Mount options:</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT">Cross-Platform Support</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_OTHER">I will mount the volume on other platforms</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_OTHER_HELP">Choose this option if you need to use the volume on other platforms.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_ONLY">I will mount the volume only on {0}</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_ONLY_HELP">Choose this option if you do not need to use the volume on other platforms.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DESELECT">Deselect</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ADMIN_PW_QUERY">Enter your user password or administrator password:</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ADMIN_PW_QUERY_TITLE">Administrator privileges required</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_VC_RUNNING_ALREADY">VeraCrypt is already running.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_SYSTEM_ENC_PW_LENGTH_NOTE">System Encryption password is longer than {0} characters.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MOUNT_SYSTEM_ENC_PREBOOT">Mount partition &amp;using system encryption (preboot authentication)</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DO_NOT_MOUNT">Do &amp;not mount</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MOUNT_AT_DIR">Mount at directory:</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_SELECT">Se&amp;lect...</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DISMOUNT_ALL_WHEN">Dismount All Volumes When</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SECURITY">Securité</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS">Options de montage</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_BACKGROUND_TASK">Tâche de fond</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION">Intégration système</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION_EXPLORER">Gestionnaire de fichiers</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_PERFORMANCE">Performances</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_KEYFILES">Fichiers clés</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_TOKENS">Jetons de sécurité</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_KERNEL_SERVICES">Services du noyau</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_KERNEL_CRYPT">Ne pas utiliser les services cryptographiques du noyau</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS_FS">Système</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="IDT_LINUX_PREF_TAB_MOUNT_OPTIONS">Options de montage:</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT">Support multi-platformes</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_OTHER">Je vais monter le volume sur d'autres platformes</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_OTHER_HELP">Choisir cette option si vous avez besoin d'utiliser le volume sur d'autres platformes.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_ONLY">Je vais monter le volume seulement sur {0}</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CROSS_SUPPORT_ONLY_HELP">Choisir cette option si vous n'avez pas besoin d'utiliser le volume sur d'autres platformes.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DESELECT">Désélectionner</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ADMIN_PW_QUERY">Saisissez le mot de passe utilisateur ou administrateur:</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ADMIN_PW_QUERY_TITLE">Droits administrateur requis</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_VC_RUNNING_ALREADY">VeraCrypt est déjà en cours d’exécution.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_SYSTEM_ENC_PW_LENGTH_NOTE">Le mot de passe du chiffrement système est plus long que {0} caractères.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MOUNT_SYSTEM_ENC_PREBOOT">Monter la partition &amp;avec chiffr. syst. (authentification au préamorçage)</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DO_NOT_MOUNT">&amp;Ne pas monter</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MOUNT_AT_DIR">Monter sur le répertoire:</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_SELECT">Sé&amp;lectionner...</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DISMOUNT_ALL_WHEN">Démonter tous les volumes quand</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ENTERING_POWERSAVING">System is entering power saving mode</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_LOGIN_ACTION">Actions to Perform when User Logs On</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CLOSE_EXPL_ON_DISMOUNT">Close all Explorer windows of volume being dismounted</entry>
@@ -1489,82 +1489,82 @@
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_SYSTEM_HOTKEYS">System-Wide Hotkeys</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_SOUND_NOTIFICATION">Play system notification sound after mount/dismount</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CONFIRM_AFTER_DISMOUNT">Display confirmation message box after dismount</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_VC_QUITS">VeraCrypt quits</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_OPEN_FINDER">Open Finder window for successfully mounted volume</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DISABLE_KERNEL_ONLY_SETTING">Please note that this setting takes effect only if use of the kernel cryptographic services is disabled.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DISABLE_KERNEL_CRYPT_CONFIRM">Disabling the use of kernel cryptographic services can degrade performance.\n\nAre you sure?</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_KERNEL_CRYPT_OPTION_CHANGE_MOUNTED_HINT">Please note that disabling this option may have no effect on volumes mounted using kernel cryptographic services.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_REMOUNT_BECAUSEOF_SETTING">Please note that any currently mounted volumes need to be remounted before they can use this setting.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_UNKNOWN_EXC_OCCURRED">Unknown exception occurred.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_FIRST_AID">"Disk Utility will be launched after you press 'OK'.\n\nPlease select your volume in the Disk Utility window and press 'Verify Disk' or 'Repair Disk' button on the 'First Aid' page.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MOUNT_ALL_DEV">Mount All Devices</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ERROR_LOADING_CONFIG">Error while loading configuration files located in </entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_SELECT_FREE_SLOT">Please select a free drive slot from the list.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MESSAGE_ON_MOUNT_AGAIN">\n\nDo you want to show this message next time you mount such a volume?</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_WARNING">Warning</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ERROR">Error</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ONLY_TEXTMODE">This feature is currently supported only in text mode.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_FREE_SPACE_ON_DRIVE">Free space on drive {0}: is {1}.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DYNAMIC_NOTICE">Please note that if your operating system does not allocate files from the beginning of the free space, the maximum possible hidden volume size may be much smaller than the size of the free space on the outer volume. This is not a bug in VeraCrypt but a limitation of the operating system.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MAX_HIDDEN_SIZE">Maximum possible hidden volume size for this volume is {0}.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_OPEN_OUTER_VOL">Open Outer Volume</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_VC_QUITS">VeraCrypt quitte</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_OPEN_FINDER">Ouvrir le volume monté avec succès dans le Finder</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DISABLE_KERNEL_ONLY_SETTING">Notez que ce paramètre prend effet uniquement si l'utilisation des services cryptographiques du noyau est désactivée.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DISABLE_KERNEL_CRYPT_CONFIRM">La désactivation de l'utilisation des services cryptographiques du noyau peut dégrader les performances.\n\nEtes-vous sûr?</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_KERNEL_CRYPT_OPTION_CHANGE_MOUNTED_HINT">Notez que la désactivation de ce paramètre peut ne pas avoir d'effet sur le volume montés qui utilisent les services cryptographiques du noyau.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_REMOUNT_BECAUSEOF_SETTING">Notez que tout volume actuellement monté doit être remonter afin qu'il puisse utiliser ce paramètre.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_UNKNOWN_EXC_OCCURRED">Une exception inconnue a été rencontrée.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_FIRST_AID">L'utilitaire de disque va être lancé après avoir appuyer sur 'OK'.\n\nVeulliez sélectionner votre volume dans la fenêtre de l'utilitaire de disque et puis appuyer sur le bouton "Vérifier" ou "Réparer dans la page S.O.S.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MOUNT_ALL_DEV">Tout monter</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ERROR_LOADING_CONFIG">Une erreur est survenues pendant le chargement des fichiers de configuration situés dans </entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_SELECT_FREE_SLOT">Sélectionnez un connecteur libre dans la liste.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MESSAGE_ON_MOUNT_AGAIN">\n\nVoulez-vous afficher ce message la prochaine fois que vous montez un tel volume?</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_WARNING">Avertissement</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ERROR">Erreur</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ONLY_TEXTMODE">Cette fonctionnalité est pour le moment supportée seulement en mode texte.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_FREE_SPACE_ON_DRIVE">Espace disponible sur le lecteur {0}: est {1}.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DYNAMIC_NOTICE">Veuillez noter que si votre système d'exploitation n'alloue pas de fichiers depuis le début de l'espace libre, la taille maximale possible du volume caché peut être bien inférieure à la taille de l'espace disponible sur le volume externe. Ce n'est pas un bogue dans VeraCrypt mais une limitation du système d'exploitation.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MAX_HIDDEN_SIZE">La taille maximale du volume caché pour ce volume est {0}.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_OPEN_OUTER_VOL">Ouvrir le volume externe</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_OUTER_VOL_IS_MOUNTED">Outer volume has been successfully created and mounted as '{0}'. To this volume you should now copy some sensitive-looking files that you actually do NOT want to hide. The files will be there for anyone forcing you to disclose your password. You will reveal only the password for this outer volume, not for the hidden one. The files that you really care about will be stored in the hidden volume, which will be created later on. When you finish copying, click Next. Do not dismount the volume.\n\nNote: After you click Next, the outer volume will be analyzed to determine the size of uninterrupted area of free space whose end is aligned with the end of the volume. This area will accommodate the hidden volume, so it will limit its maximum possible size. The procedure ensures no data on the outer volume are overwritten by the hidden volume.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ERROR_TRY_ENCRYPT_SYSTEM_DRIVE">Error: You are trying to encrypt a system drive.\n\nVeraCrypt can encrypt a system drive only under Windows.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ERROR_TRY_ENCRYPT_SYSTEM_PARTITION">Error: You are trying to encrypt a system partition.\n\nVeraCrypt can encrypt system partitions only under Windows.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_WARNING_FORMAT_DESTROY_FS">WARNING: Formatting of the device will destroy all data on filesystem '{0}'.\n\nDo you want to continue?</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MOUNTET_HINT">The filesystem of the selected device is currently mounted. Please dismount '{0}' before proceeding.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_HIDDEN_PASS_NO_DIFF">The Hidden volume can't have the same password, PIM and keyfiles as the Outer volume</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_NOT_FAT_HINT">Please note that the volume will not be formatted with a FAT filesystem and, therefore, you may be required to install additional filesystem drivers on platforms other than {0}, which will enable you to mount the volume.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ERROR_TRY_ENCRYPT_SYSTEM_DRIVE">Erreur : Vous essayez de chiffrer un lecteur système.\n\nVeraCrypt ne peut chiffrer un lecteur système que sous Windows.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_ERROR_TRY_ENCRYPT_SYSTEM_PARTITION">Erreur : Vous essayez de chiffrer une partition système.\n\nVeraCrypt ne peut chiffrer les partitions système que sous Windows.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_WARNING_FORMAT_DESTROY_FS">AVERTISSEMENT : Le formatage de périphérique détruira toutes les données du système de fichiers '{0}'.\n\nVoulez-vous continuer?</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MOUNTET_HINT">Le système de fichiers du périphérique sélectionné est actuellement monté. Veuillez démonter '{0}' avant de continuer.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_HIDDEN_PASS_NO_DIFF">Le volume caché ne peut pas avoir le même mot de passe, PIM et fichier(s) clé(s) que le volume externe</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_NOT_FAT_HINT">Veuillez noter que le volume ne sera pas formaté avec le système de fichiers FAT et par conséquent vous devrez peut-être installer des pilotes de système de fichiers supplémentaires sur les plateformes autres que {0} afin que vous puissiez monter le volume.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_ERROR_SIZE_HIDDEN_VOL">Error: The hidden volume to be created is larger than {0} TB ({1} GB).\n\nPossible solutions:\n- Create a container/partition smaller than {0} TB.\n</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_MAX_SIZE_HINT">- Use a drive with 4096-byte sectors to be able to create partition/device-hosted hidden volumes up to 16 TB in size</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_DOT_LF">.\n</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_NOT_SUPPORTED"> (not supported by components available on this platform).\n</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_KERNEL_OLD">Your system uses an old version of the Linux kernel.\n\nDue to a bug in the Linux kernel, your system may stop responding when writing data to a VeraCrypt volume. This problem can be solved by upgrading the kernel to version 2.6.24 or later.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_VOL_DISMOUNTED">Volume {0} has been dismounted.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_OOM">Out of memory.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CANT_GET_ADMIN_PRIV">Failed to obtain administrator privileges</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_COMMAND_GET_ERROR">Command {0} returned error {1}.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_CMD_HELP">VeraCrypt Command Line Help</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_MAX_SIZE_HINT">- Utilisez un lecteur avec des secteurs de 4096 octets pour pouvoir créer des volumes cachés hébergés sur des partitions/périphériques d'une taille maximale de 16 To</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_DOT_LF">.\n</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_NOT_SUPPORTED"> (non supporté par les composants disponibles sur cette platforme).\n</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_KERNEL_OLD">Votre système utilise une ancienne version du noyau Linux.\n\nEn raison d'un bogue dans le noyau Linux, votre système peut cesser de répondre lors de l'écriture de données sur un volume VeraCrypt. Ce problème peut être résolu en mettant à niveau le noyau vers la version 2.6.24 ou ultérieure.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_VOL_DISMOUNTED">Le volume {0} a été démonté.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_OOM">Mémoire insuffisante.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CANT_GET_ADMIN_PRIV">Echec de l'obtention des droits administrateur</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_COMMAND_GET_ERROR">La commande {0} a retourné l'erreur {1}.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_CMD_HELP">Aide ligne de commande de VeraCrypt</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_HIDDEN_FILES_PRESENT_IN_KEYFILE_PATH">\n\nWarning: Hidden files are present in a keyfile path. If you need to use them as keyfiles, remove the leading dot from their filenames. Hidden files are visible only if enabled in system options.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_DEVICESECTORSIZEMISMATCH">Storage device and VC volume sector size mismatch</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_ENCRYPTEDSYSTEMREQUIRED">This operation must be performed only when the system hosted on the volume is running.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_INSUFFICIENTDATA">Not enough data available.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_INSUFFICIENTDATA">Données disponibles insuffisantes.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_KERNELCRYPTOSERVICETESTFAILED">Kernel cryptographic service test failed. The cryptographic service of your kernel most likely does not support volumes larger than 2 TB.\n\nPossible solutions:\n- Upgrade the Linux kernel to version 2.6.33 or later.\n- Disable use of the kernel cryptographic services (Settings > Preferences > System Integration) or use 'nokernelcrypto' mount option on the command line.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_LOOPDEVICESETUPFAILED">Failed to set up a loop device.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MISSINGARGUMENT">A required argument is missing.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MISSINGVOLUMEDATA">Volume data missing.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MOUNTPOINTREQUIRED">Mount point required.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MOUNTPOINTUNAVAILABLE">Mount point is already in use.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDEMPTY">No password or keyfile specified.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MISSINGARGUMENT">Un argument requis est manquant.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MISSINGVOLUMEDATA">Données de volume manquantes.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MOUNTPOINTREQUIRED">Le point de montage est requis.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_MOUNTPOINTUNAVAILABLE">Le point de montage est déjà en cours d'utilisation.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDEMPTY">Aucun mot de passe ou fichier clé spécifié.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDORKEYBOARDLAYOUTINCORRECT">\n\nNote that pre-boot authentication passwords need to be typed in the pre-boot environment where non-US keyboard layouts are not available. Therefore, pre-boot authentication passwords must always be typed using the standard US keyboard layout (otherwise, the password will be typed incorrectly in most cases). However, note that you do NOT need a real US keyboard; you just need to change the keyboard layout in your operating system.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDORMOUNTOPTIONSINCORRECT">\n\nNote: If you are attempting to mount a partition located on an encrypted system drive without pre-boot authentication or to mount the encrypted system partition of an operating system that is not running, you can do so by selecting 'Options >' > 'Mount partition using system encryption'.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDTOOLONG">Password is longer than {0} characters.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PASSWORDTOOLONG">Le mot de passe contient plus de {0} caractères.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PARTITIONDEVICEREQUIRED">Partition device required.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PROTECTIONPASSWORDINCORRECT">Incorrect password to the protected hidden volume or the hidden volume does not exist.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_PROTECTIONPASSWORDKEYFILESINCORRECT">Incorrect keyfile(s) and/or password to the protected hidden volume or the hidden volume does not exist.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_STRINGCONVERSIONFAILED">Invalid characters encountered.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_STRINGCONVERSIONFAILED">Un caractère invalide a été rencontré.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_STRINGFORMATTEREXCEPTION">Error while parsing formatted string.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_TEMPORARYDIRECTORYFAILURE">Failed to create a file or directory in a temporary directory.\n\nPlease make sure that the temporary directory exists, its security permissions allow you to access it, and there is sufficient disk space.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_UNSUPPORTEDSECTORSIZEHIDDENVOLUMEPROTECTION">Error: The drive uses a sector size other than 512 bytes.\n\nDue to limitations of components available on your platform, outer volumes hosted on the drive cannot be mounted using hidden volume protection.\n\nPossible solutions:\n- Use a drive with 512-byte sectors.\n- Create a file-hosted volume (container) on the drive.\n- Backup the contents of the hidden volume and then update the outer volume.</entry>
<entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_UNSUPPORTEDSECTORSIZENOKERNELCRYPTO">Error: The drive uses a sector size other than 512 bytes.\n\nDue to limitations of components available on your platform, partition/device-hosted volumes on the drive can only be mounted using kernel cryptographic services.\n\nPossible solutions:\n- Enable use of the kernel cryptographic services (Preferences > System Integration).\n- Use a drive with 512-byte sectors.\n- Create a file-hosted volume (container) on the drive.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_UNSUPPORTEDSECTORSIZE">Error: The drive uses a sector size other than 512 bytes.\n\nDue to limitations of components available on your platform, partition/device-hosted volumes cannot be created/used on the drive.\n\nPossible solutions:\n- Create a file-hosted volume (container) on the drive.\n- Use a drive with 512-byte sectors.\n- Use VeraCrypt on another platform.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_VOLUMEHOSTINUSE">The host file/device is already in use.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_VOLUMESLOTUNAVAILABLE">Volume slot unavailable.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_HIGHERFUSEVERSIONREQUIRED">VeraCrypt requires OSXFUSE 2.5 or above.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="EXCEPTION_OCCURRED">Exception occurred</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="ENTER_PASSWORD">Enter password</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="ENTER_TC_VOL_PASSWORD">Enter VeraCrypt Volume Password</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="MOUNT">Mount</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="MOUNT_POINT">Mount Directory</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="NO_VOLUMES_MOUNTED">No volumes mounted.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="OPEN_NEW_VOLUME">Specify a New VeraCrypt Volume</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="PARAMETER_INCORRECT">Parameter incorrect</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="SELECT_KEYFILES">Select Keyfiles</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="START_TC">Start VeraCrypt</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="VOLUME_ALREADY_MOUNTED">The volume {0} is already mounted.</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="UNKNOWN_OPTION">Unknown option</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="VOLUME_LOCATION">Volume Location</entry>
- <entry lang="en" key="VOLUME_HOST_IN_USE">WARNING: The host file/device {0} is already in use!\n\nIgnoring this can cause undesired results including system instability. All applications that might be using the host file/device should be closed before mounting the volume.\n\nContinue mounting?</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_UNSUPPORTEDSECTORSIZE">Erreur : Le lecteur utilise une taille de secteur autre que 512 octets.\n\nEn raison des limitations des composants disponibles sur votre plateforme, les volumes hébergés sur la partition ou le périphérique ne peuvent pas être créés ou utilisés sur le lecteur.\n\nSolutions possibles :\n- Créez un volume hébergé sur fichier (conteneur) sur le lecteur.\n- Utilisez un lecteur avec des secteurs de 512 octets.\n- Utilisez VeraCrypt sur une autre plateforme.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_VOLUMEHOSTINUSE">Le fichier hôte/périphérique est déjà utilisé.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_VOLUMESLOTUNAVAILABLE">Le connecteur du volume est indisponible.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="LINUX_EX2MSG_HIGHERFUSEVERSIONREQUIRED">VeraCrypt nécessite OSXFUSE 2.5 ou supérieur.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="EXCEPTION_OCCURRED">Une exception est survenue</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="ENTER_PASSWORD">Entrez le mot de passe</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="ENTER_TC_VOL_PASSWORD">Entrez le mot de passe du volume VeraCrypt</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="MOUNT">Monter</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="MOUNT_POINT">Point Montage</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="NO_VOLUMES_MOUNTED">Aucun volume monté.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="OPEN_NEW_VOLUME">Spécifier un nouveau volume VeraCrypt</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="PARAMETER_INCORRECT">Paramétre incorrecte</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="SELECT_KEYFILES">Sélectionner fichiers clés</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="START_TC">Start VeraCrypt</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="VOLUME_ALREADY_MOUNTED">Le volume {0} est déjà monté.</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="UNKNOWN_OPTION">Option inconnue</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="VOLUME_LOCATION">Emplacement du volume</entry>
+ <entry lang="fr" key="VOLUME_HOST_IN_USE">AVERTISSEMENT : Le fichier hôte/périphérique {0} est déjà utilisé!\n\nIgnorer cet avertissement peut provoquer des résultats indésirés dont l’instabilité du système. Toutes les applications susceptibles d’utiliser le fichier hôte/périphérique (par exemple, les applications antivirus ou de sauvegarde) doivent être fermées avant de monter le volume.\n\nContinuer ?</entry>
<entry lang="fr" key="CANT_INSTALL_WITH_EXE_OVER_MSI">VeraCrypt a déjà été installé à l'aide d'un package MSI et de ce fait il ne peut pas être mis à jour à l'aide du programme d'installation standard.\n\nVeuillez utiliser le package MSI pour mettre à jour votre installation VeraCrypt.</entry>
<entry lang="fr" key="IDC_USE_ALL_FREE_SPACE">Utiliser la totalité de l'espace libre sur le disque</entry>